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YinHai Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd, is located in Jiaxing, a beautiful city historically known as the land of fish and rice, established in 1996, the private-owned enterprise has developed through the latest years to be a professional exporter for various kinds of stainless steel products turned out by a staff of nearly 800 working on a total area of 75,000 square- meters. With a fixed asset valued RMB40, 000,000.YinHai achieves an annual gross output value of RMB200, 000,000.

    The products fall into three major categories, including cooking pots. water jugs$storage containers and products for hotal.Currently, these stainless wares are mainly exported toJapan,Southeast Asia,Americaand European countries.

    Cooking Pots Series include forged-bottomed pots, single bottomed pots and double-bottomed pots, tir-ply stainless steel , five-ply stainless steel, etc.

    Water kettle Series include welding, die casting, curling, hydro-forming,etc.

    Storage containers include single-bottom, double-bottom, etc.

    To fully satisfy various demands from its customers,Yinhai has purchased a complete set of equipment necessary for the whole course of production and service. Meanwhile, the enterprise also trains and/or recruits a qualified team in charge of the technology, quality inspection and management, which, in a long run, is the reassuring guarantee for providing satisfactory products to its customers.

The enterprise, through joint efforts committed by its whole staff, has been accredited with ISO90012000, CE,GS,SG Certificate, which brings about an updated quality system that ensures a continuous elevation of the quality and the integrate effectiveness, contributing greatly to the realization of standardization.

YinHai's Motto: Sincerity, Creditability, Quality Bringing Mutual Benefits.

Yinhai is looking forward to possible opportunites for cooperation and always ready for business visites and negotiations. Yinhai is willing to jointly explore with its partners into a prosperous future.

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